PACS System Resources For Referring Physicians

FreedomPACS has a proven track record for aiding the workflows of referring physicians. FreedomPACS is an enterprise solution for diagnostic imaging and multiple medical specialties with web-based image/report access capabilities from any EMR workstation in your enterprise. Our web-based PACS integrates multiple features and functions that go beyond conventional radiology PACS offerings:

  • Web-based access for EMR integration
  • Server-based or web-based cloud storage solutions
  • Off-site data back-up
  • Physician PACS operational even if HIS, network or other systems are down
  • Disaster recovery, backup and business continuance solutions
  • Established interfaces with no required brokers
  • User security and tracking
  • Comprehensive service agreement that covers software updates and upgrades
  • Output to billing systems or services
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Virus protection solutions