FreedomPACS Support

At MN Systems, we pride ourselves on our technical PACS support programs and are committed to helping our clients get the most of their image management solutions. Our customer service and technical support departments strive to quickly resolve any problems that may be encountered with our software, because positive client relationships are our top priority.

Our customer support program was developed to build a positive, professional relationship between MN Systems and our customers.  Our goal is to achieve a clear understanding of our customer’s needs, and ensure that every effort is made to meet them. Clients are encouraged to call us with their questions and concerns.  We work directly with our customer and our resellers, when appropriate, to provide our clients the support they need in a timely manner.

MN Systems Training

To ensure our clients receive the maximum benefits from our software solutions, MN Systems offers a full compliment of training courses for our clients and resellers. Some of our training courses include:

  • PACS Administrator Training – includes workflow, end user support, system checks and trouble shooting
  • Service Training – provides the essential information our resellers need to install and maintain the Freedom PACS, including in-depth configuration, networking and support concepts.
  • Applications Training – on-site training and web sessions are available as part of our startup support.
  • Easy to use Reference Guides for all levels of end users.
  • Training Check Sheets to help Administrators and Key Users train others.

Contact MN Systems Support at: 855-740-1150