Radiology PACS Resources For Reading Physicians

For reading physicians, FreedomPACS provides faster, better reading, reporting, and more referrals.

Our radiology PACS system was designed by physicians for physicians.

FreedomPACS features automated hanging protocols that can be configured to meet your reading preferences. You can read more accurately and productively with FreedomPACS’ efficient tools that provide:

  • Unmatched work list automation/customization
  • Complete automated report preparation and distribution
  • Radiology PACS includes patient histories and viewing of associated documents
  • Integrated advanced medical image processing
  • Web-based remote reading from home or by outsourced provider
  • Allow you to easily add new imaging applications to your practice
  • Unique billing features for your hospital or practice
  • And FreedomPACS can be used by multiple medical specialties including cardiology, surgery, neurology, mammography (DICOM only), primary care, pathology, and radiology.