FreedomPACS ImageShare—Secure Radiology Image Sharing Beyond the Network


Safely share radiology studies with authorized outside facilities and practitioners in minutes

FreedomPACS ImageShare empowers your facility to serve your patients faster and more efficiently, which is especially important in emergency situations.

Serve Patients Faster and More Cost-Effectively


When an outside physician or hospital needs access to your radiology images to treat patients, too often it’s a slow and cumbersome process involving CD burning and mailing. Stop wasting time and resources sending CDs.

With FreedomPACS ImageShare, you can selectively push images from your internal PACS system to ImageShare’s secure web-based environment.

Selectively Authorize Access

Within minutes, you can authorize that facility or practitioner to access those critical radiology studies via a protected ImageShare login. You can select the duration that studies are available on ImageShare.

Push Images from Your Existing PACS

Add powerful functionality to your radiology department without changing anything on your existing PACS system. You can simply push images from your existing PACS to ImageShare’s secure web-based environment as needed to comply with patient needs and requests.

Quick, Affordable Implementation

Access ImageShare quickly and begin reaping savings in time and efficiency. ImageShare has no licensing fees and no software to download or maintain.

Secure, Unlimited Viewing

ImageShare is protected with HIPAA-compliant encryption and security. It is also FDA Certified.

It also includes unlimited, cross-platform viewing on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad & Android. Share your images on mobile devices or desktop computers.