Dragon® Medical Practice Edition by Nuance

Is Your Medical Practice Ready for Speech Recognition?

  • How is your practice doing financially?
  • Want to reduce the time physicians spend typing or using transcription?
  • How can you provide the best service to both patients and referring physicians?
  • Is your staff workflow as productive as it could be?
  • Are the physicians in this practice happy or frustrated with the current process for documenting care?
  • How can you integrate your PACS with your EHR to improve workflow? How can you achieve meaningful use?
  • How can you maximize your ability to provide care while still maintaining regulatory compliance for HIPAA and the Electronic Medical Records Mandate?

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition was created especially for physician practices and clinics with 24 physicians or less to create transcription-free clinical documentation, reduce time spent documenting care and optimize EHR and PACS integration for healthcare providers.

To date, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition has been selected by more than 180,000 physicians to provide more efficient, profitable and effective care. FreedomPACS®  PACS cloud can help you integrate digital dictation and transcription into our HIPAA- compliant web-based PACS solution to improve workflow and productivity in your practice.

Benefits of using Dragon® Medical Practice Edition

  • Reduce time spent documenting care & shorten document turnaround time

  • Eliminate thousands of dollars of annual transcription costs per physician

  • Improve patient care with 99% accuracy so you can tell the complete patient story

  • Fast ROI – Most physicians recover their costs in less than three months

  • Increase productivity by accelerating navigation within your PACS or EMR with real-time dictation

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