Unlock the Power of FreedomPACS ImageShare!


Safely and Quickly Send Medical Images and Studies Beyond the Network

With ImageShare’s leading-edge technology, health providers can now partner with outside facilities to serve patients like never before.

This latest offering from FreedomPACS streamlines the sharing of crucial medical information, images and studies through a secure, web-based channel.

Efficient and Affordable ImageShare-computers

Eliminate the costly and time-consuming process of burning images and mailing CDs. By harnessing ImageShare’s seamless technology—especially in emergency situations—health professionals can drastically decrease the wait time for patient diagnosis and treatment.

Facilities have the power to push information from their existing PACS to authorized parties in minutes via a protected ImageShare login.

Secure and Compliant

The system also incorporates the latest encryption technology, which is both HIPAA-compliant and FDA-certified.

No-Hassle Set-Up, Cross-Platform Compatibility

Implementation is easy and cost-effective with no licensing fees or software to download and keep up. ImageShare is accessible from PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

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