FreedomPACS Supports State and National Rural Healthcare Efforts

To help address the unique challenges currently facing U.S. rural healthcare, FreedomPACS is committed to bringing efficient and cost-effective medical imaging solutions to that industry. FreedomPACS is a member, exhibitor and contributor of multiple rural health organizations, events and causes.

TORCH Partnership

In 2012, the Web-based PACS and cloud storage provider joined the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH) as a corporate member. Since then, FreedomPACS has helped TORCH bring new technology into the rural landscape by:

The partnership with TORCH is yielding positive results. For example, FreedomPACS made it possible for a member hospital to streamline services and save 75% on its offsite image storage expenses.

Read the full Winkler County Memorial Hospital case study.

NRHA and IRHA Efforts

In addition, FreedomPACS supports the National Rural Healthcare Association (NRHA) and its state chapters. The medical imaging service provider not only attends and exhibits at association events but also contributes to them. NRHA Logo

For example, FreedomPACS recently donated a $40,000 PACS solution at the Illinois Rural Healthcare Association (IRHA) Annual Conference.

FreedomPACS looks forward to future opportunities to participate and advocate for the U.S. rural healthcare industry.